Friday, March 2, 2012

What Have Your Parents Been Up To?

Dear Maddie,

On Tuesday, I'll be in my third trimester! That means we're just three months away from seeing your cute little face. Next month (March 17th) is my baby shower, and it's co-ed, which means your daddy, Uncle Michael, Ooompa and lots of the other men in our family will be there, as well as lots of the women and kids in our family. Everyone will be there to celebrate you! Your Grandma Jill is even flying out from Indiana, which we are very excited about! Your Memere and Auntie Nancy are planning the whole thing, and it makes me so happy (and a little weepy!) to think about how loved you are already.

Your daddy and I have been getting ready for your arrival! I'm washing your little clothes and packing them away until you're here to wear them, and your daddy and I are looking at houses and setting up your nursery area. We're all signed up for our April childbirth and breastfeeding classes, and for the tour of the hospital where you'll be delivered!

Last week it was your Auntie Nancy's baby shower for Robert, and I sat next to your Memere. You started bouncing around, and Memere got to feel you for the first time! I'll be sure to drink some ice water (or orange juice) when your Grandma Jill is visiting, so that she can feel you, too.

You stay cozy in there, and keep up the wiggling! It's both cute and very reassuring!