Monday, November 14, 2011

Advice From Your Cousin Autumn

Hi, Baby.

Your cousin Autumn is three years old, and she knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. She has a few pieces of advice to share with you, to prepare you for life outside of my uterus.

1.) Eat with your fingers. It is much less complicated than using forks and spoons, and dinnertime will be so much more fun.

2.) When reading a book, skip pages. It'll make the story seem different and surprising every single time.

3.) When your parents are talking, and you have something to say, just say it louder.

4.) Crayons taste better without wrappers. They just do. Similarly, food tastes better once it's been on the floor.

5.) It's okay to have gas. It's actually really funny. So have lots of it, and announce it when you do.

6.) Anything you find on the floor can and should be used as a musical instrument.

I hope these tips are helpful, Baby.

Your Mom

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