Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dear Maddie

Dear Maddie,

That's right! You're a girl! And you have a name! Madeline Lucille Lute. Do you like it? Sometimes you kick when we say it. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but either way this name gives you a lot of options. I think we're going to call you Maddie. When you're running for president and want to sound professional, you can be Madeline, or, like your Memere's mom, maybe you can be M. Lucille Lute? These things are up to you, but I think to us you'll always be Maddie.

We got to see you again two days ago. I'm sorry I didn't write sooner, but we've just been so excited. It feels like a whole new world now, knowing that we're having a daughter. That you're my daughter. We needed to pick a name for you, and though we tried out several ideas, I think we were both drawn to Madeline from the start. It's the perfect name for you. Unless, of course, the ultrasound tech was wrong and you're a boy, in which case we might need to rethink the name, but I feel pretty confident we'll be okay with that.

But anyway, back to the seeing you thing. Your mouth is very impressive. We got to see you open and close it several times, and I've got to tell you, I'm impressed. You've got cute feet, too, and if you don't mind me saying so, you look pretty brilliant. You were kicking a lot, too, which was fun to watch. Do you think you'll be a kick boxer? Or maybe a soccer player? Some sort of river dancer? I don't really know a lot of jobs that require kicking, but I'm sure you have many other talents we'll soon discover. Are you good at telling jokes? Can you play the cello? Maybe you can solve a Rubik's cube really fast or hold your breath for a really long time or lift a lot of weights or raise chickens? How are you at snowball fights? I can't wait to find out everything about you.

Your mom has been feeling you roll around and kick a lot lately, and for the first time the other day I got to feel you kick. I still can't feel it most of the time, but that time it was like a shock going through your mom's whole abdomen. It was crazy! I hope you'll be nice to her and not kick her TOO much, but I also kind of secretly hope you'll soon start doing it harder so I can feel it more often. Is that mean? Maybe you can just save up all your little kicks into one big kick? I don't really know how things work in there, but I imagine you're not too into planning right now. That's cool. Live in the moment, Maddie.

I've been reading to you at night and I hope that you can hear me. Sometimes I worry that you get to hear your mom all day, but me only sometimes. I worry you'll get here and be like, "Who the heck is this guy?" I know that's silly, because I'm awesome and what daughter wouldn't love me, right? I hope that someday when you read this you'll think I'm ridiculous.

Anyway, last night I read you Peter Rabbit, because I think that's how we're going to decorate your 'nursery' (okay, right now it's a corner of our bedroom) and you really better start getting on board with the concept. Tonight, I think we're going to read The Tale of Tom Kitten, because your mom has been pushing hard for that one. Peter Rabbit is a little bit of a poor role model, so I'm kind of hoping Tom Kitten will be a turn for the better.

That's about all I've got for now. I just wanted to fill you in on what you've been missing, because our lives are crazy right now, and it's so strange to me that while you're such a big part of it, if I don't write it all down, you'll never know!

We love you so much, Maddie! I wish there were words to really express that feeling, but I kind of hope that by the time you're old enough to read this, you'll know without an explanation. Stay warm and safe in there, because there's a lot out here we can't wait to show you.



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