Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Dear Cecily Marie

Dear Cecily Marie,

I was just commenting to your mom the other day how strange it seemed that there's a person (you!) who already exists, and who will feature prominently in the story of my life and in every major memory I have from this point on, but that I don't even know you. I don't know what you look like or what things you like. I don't know what makes you laugh or what you're afraid of. I'll learn all of these things of course, but right now you're a bit of a mystery.

So let's talk about the things we (probably) do know!

  1. You are (most likely) a girl.

    We can't be sure, of course, because these things are tricky, but the ultrasound tech seemed pretty sure. Sure enough to make a pronouncement, and that's good enough for us. I guess it's still possible you turn out to be a boy. In that case, I'm sorry for our mistake, but I'll probably just go back and edit this so you never even know we were wrong! Hah!

  2. Your name is (probably) Cecily Marie.

    Your mom and I have loved this name for a long time. As usual, we've been way more certain about a name for a girl-you than a name for a boy-you. I don't know why that is, but it seems like we always come to a consensus on a girl's name first. Well, provided item #1 above remains true, then your name is Cecily Marie, so we'll run with that for now, okay? I hope you like it. You can always choose to go by a hip nickname like 'Snake' if you don't. Your mom said that wasn't an appropriate name for a child.

  3. You have Clinodactyly.

    That means your pinky finger is bent inward. We know this because it showed up in your ultrasound yesterday. This wouldn't really be a big deal, except that it is what's known as a 'soft marker' for certain genetic conditions and is thus worth mentioning, though we're not particularly worried. Your mom and I, as well as your Granny Jill and your siblings seem to have this trait to some extent as well, and it's autosomal dominant, so it's not unlikely you would have it. It's just that it only shows up in something like 4% of births absent one of those previously mentioned genetic conditions, so we're all very special, and that's one way you're like us already! Sorry if you get mom's club thumb, though.

  4. You will (probably) be born in June!

    By most calculations, your mom was 20 weeks pregnant yesterday, making your due date May 31, but you were still measuring around 18 weeks, 6 days. This isn't that strange, because you were also measuring small at your previous ultrasound, so it's very likely our timing is just off and you're a June baby. We'll know better in 8 weeks or so. Your mom is very excited about this, because she really likes pearls.

  5. You are loved.

    Oh, Cecily, how you are loved. Your mom and I love you, of course. Your sister Madeline is very, very excited to be getting a sister, even if it means she has to share a room. She knew you were a sister all along and wouldn't accept any other possibility. I guess she showed us. Your brother Simon is less sure about this whole thing, but he'll get on board. He's been walking around saying "Baby Sisser Sesame Street", because I guess he thinks that's your name. He really likes Sesame Street, so I guess that's his idea of a compliment. Your Memere and your Ooompa and your Granny Jill love you. Your aunts and uncles love you. You are loved like you wouldn't believe and we can't wait to meet you.
So I guess, in the end, it's really just the pinky and the love thing we're absolutely sure of, but man are we sure about that love thing, so that makes up for all of the other uncertainties.



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