Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Lute!

Hi, Baby.

Your dad and I are so excited to meet you, and we wanted to keep a blog for you (that we'll turn into a little book once you arrive). I'm about twelve weeks pregnant with you, and that makes you the size of a lime. (This is why your mom's pants don't button anymore.) We won't know your gender for at least a couple more weeks, so we'll just call you Baby Lute until we find out. (And man, are we excited to find out!)

So, here's the story, morning glory. Your mom is an MFA student at Hamline. I'm finishing up my thesis in between trips to the bathroom. (My morning sickness has been pretty impressive, but you are so worth it, I promise.) Your dad is a software developer at 38 Studios in Providence. We have two cats, which means that you'll have two cats. A good thing to keep in mind might be that cats don't like to be yanked on. When in doubt, be gentle. You'll get the hang of it. :)

You already have so many people who are excited to meet you! There's Mom and Dad (of course!), and then your grandparents! Memeré Beauregard is my mom. She calls you "little peanut," and she lives in New Hampshire with your Ooompa Alan. (Nope, that's not a typo. When your cousin Autumn was born, Memeré told Alan that he had to decide what he wanted to be called. He took too long deciding, so I picked for him. "Oompa." He decided to spell it with three O's, because he is exceptionally silly, and it stuck! Autumn has been calling him Ooompa ever since!) Your Grandma Jill is Dad's mom, and she lives in Indiana with your Auntie Anni. They can't wait to meet you! Then there's your Uncle Michael and Auntie Nan, who live in Massachusetts. Auntie Nan is pregnant, too, with your cousin Robert! You'll be very close in age, and we're excited to have lots of play dates. Uncle Michael and Auntie Nan are your cousin Autumn's parents, too. Autumn will be about three and a half years older than you, and she'll teach you lots of neat stuff. You have lots of second and third cousins, great-aunts and great-uncles, and three great-grandparents! What a lucky baby you already are!

Here's a picture of your dad with Grandma Jill:

And one of your mom with Memeré:

I'll say 'bye for now, Baby, but will write again soon!
Your Mom

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