Monday, April 16, 2012

Healthy Little You

Well, Maddie, it's been a crazy weekend.

First, there were the very sharp pains in my cervix. (Kind of like needles. Yowch.) Then there was the almost passing out in childbirth class (several times). Then there was the dizzy spell this morning. Your dad and I were pretty freaked out, to be honest. I kept thinking, "What if this is preeclampsia? And I have to go into labor tomorrow, at 34 weeks? I don't even have my hospital bag packed! And what if your lungs aren't ready, yet?" Fortunately, it's not preeclampsia. It's just low blood pressure. Woo! And the cervical pain? That's you, my little peanut. That's your head, banging against my cervix. You're already in position, and you want out. (I hate to tell you this, but I won't be full term for another three weeks, so you've got to keep your pants on and cool it with the escape plan for now.) Can you believe that your due date is in six weeks? Neither can I! The OB said you're measuring 32 centimeters, and he thinks you're going to be between 7 and 8 pounds at birth.

I'm feeling so relieved. Relieved that the dizziness is normal, and relieved that you're super healthy and staying in there for at least a few more weeks. Still, it really might be almost time to pack that hospital bag. Just in case. Just to have it ready.

Your Mom

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  1. My OB refereed to that pain as "lightening crotch." Not the most technical term, but it describes it perfectly.


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