Tuesday, February 9, 2016

24 weeks!

Dear Cecily,

I am SO sorry that I haven't written since Christmas. I've got to tell you, this pregnancy is a totally different animal than the one I had with your sister and brother. When I was pregnant with Maddie, I remember thinking that I was exhausted... But I also slept like a hibernating bear. Seriously. I was finishing my graduate thesis, and working on it when I wanted, and then I just basically slept the rest of the time. (Well, slept and vomited.)

When I was pregnant with Simon, Maddie was a toddler, and I thought I was super busy with her, taking long walks (and long naps) together, taking a once-a-week Music Together class, going to library story times, vomiting again...

Cecily, the word "exhausted" holds an entirely new meaning this time. So does the word "busy." Today I worked in your sister's preschool classroom (she goes to a co-op, and we love it there. Simon will go there, too, and eventually you will, but please don't rush it), and my brain basically stopped functioning by the end of the morning. But it didn't really, because Tuesdays are our long days, so we visited with our good friends (the Sosbys: you're going to love them) for the afternoon and then headed to Maddie's ballet class. Then there was dinner to make, and kiddos to wrangle, and finally, finally bedtime.

But even with all of the craziness--and it does get pretty crazy--I think about you all the time! When people say, "she'll be here before you know it," I get so excited, because I know it's true. This pregnancy is flying a lot faster than my other two, and it occurred to me a week ago (when Dr. Austin handed me the nasty, nasty fluid I'm going to need to drink before I take the gestational diabetes blood test) that I'm almost in the third trimester. That's nuts! Didn't I just take that pregnancy test five minutes ago?! (It sure seems like it!)

Here's what you and I look like right now, at 24 weeks. Your big sister took this photo! Pretty good, isn't it?

Here's you with your brother. He still calls you "Baby Sisser Sesame Street." 

We can't wait to meet you, little miss! Your dad says hi (we're watching The Office on the couch), and he agrees.

Your Mama

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