Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'll eat you up, I love you so!

Dear Simon,

We're getting ready for fall, and fall always makes me think of winter, so naturally I think of you! You'll come right after Christmas - my very best, somewhat belated gift. You're getting so big now that I can actually see you! Well, sort of. You make my stomach very lopsided when you ball up on one side or the other, and occasionally I see a little bump moving across my belly. That's you!

We traveled to New England at the beginning of the month because your Pepere (my dad) was honored with a memorial at the new fire station in Ware, my hometown. When we got back, Maddie came down with something. It only lasted for about a day, and was likely the result of her teething, but it was very scary! She had a temperature of 103.8 at one point, and even though the pediatrician on call said that I should just watch her and not worry, I was very worried. (When you are born, the amount of worrying I'll do will double! Now imagine if we have four children, which I'm hoping for. Your poor mother will have gray hair and wrinkles by the time she's 35!)

Wednesday, Maddie and I went to Toddler Story Time at the Issaquah Library. On Friday, we had our Music Together class. I'm looking forward to taking you to these places too, little Simon. It's so strange and wonderful to think about how there will be two little ones with me all the time in less than four months! We'll get a snazzy double stroller, and we'll go on all kinds of adventures. (Wait until we take you to Fox Hollow Farm. You are going to lose your little mind over their baby pigs and peacocks.)

Today we all went to the Issaquah Farmer's Market, and I can't stop eating the caramel kettle corn we bought there. It's phenomenal, but you know that, because you're squirming around like a very happy fetus.

I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant, and we've got (approximately) 116 more days until you arrive!

Your crib mattress arrived yesterday. It's a gift from your Memere (my mom). Maddie used to sleep in your crib, but now she sleeps in her Very Big Girl Toddler Bed. You'll sleep in our room in a bassinet next to our bed for your first six months, but then you'll move into the nursery with Maddie! I've been sleeping in the nursery for the last two days, because we've been transitioning Maddie into her bed, and all things considered, she's a pretty good roommate. I could really do without the 6:00am wakeup, but what are you gonna do. Maybe she'll grow out of that, or maybe you'll be an early riser too, and you won't mind. If you don't mind, and you're both into getting up super early, please feel free to entertain each other and let your mom and dad sleep a little!

Today I'm hoping to get some of your clothes washed and put away for your arrival, and I'll attempt to sleep in my room tonight, after your sister falls asleep in her bed, so wish us luck! We love you, little Simon.

Your Mama

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