Monday, September 30, 2013

It's raining! (Alternatively titled: We live in Washington!)

Hi, sweet boy.

I wish I felt like doing more laundry, or like sorting through your sister's summer clothes. I wish I felt like cleaning the bathrooms. It's raining outside, like it has been for a week, and it would be the perfect time to get things done, but your mama is TIRED. While Maddie naps, I'm resting next to her. Laundry can wait until we're ready to get up. Until then, I'm watching The View and writing to you.

I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and you are doing some really strange things to my belly button. Little Simon, I have a feeling you aren't going to be very little at all. My bump is pretty massive, and I feel like I did when I was much farther along with Maddie. If you could just keep your birth weight under 12 pounds, I would be so thankful. 9 or 10 is just fine. 11 is pushing it. Let's keep it under control, Simon. Let's keep it under control.

At my doctor's appointment last week, I was given the gross gestational diabetes drink for my test. I get to take this one at home, which means it can be cold. (That beats the warm one I drank last time. There was a significant amount of vomiting.) My doctor and I were both surprised that it's already time for the drink. You'll be here in three and a half months! I'm almost in my third trimester! It's so strange to think about, because even though your dad and I feel much more prepared this time around, we also realize that our lives are going to completely change again, because you'll be here! We'll have this beautiful baby boy to love! Your Christmas stocking arrived last week, and it made us all so excited. (Even Maddie, who doesn't quite understand that she's getting a baby brother, but who does understand that Christmas stockings are fun to play with.)

I think I've mentioned that Maddie is in her toddler bed now, so the crib is all yours! (Not until you're about six months old, though. You'll be in your bassinet in our room before that.) She is really enjoying it. She looks like such a big girl in her big girl bed.

Just kidding. That's Beezus. She is also a big fan of the toddler bed.

Keep growing and getting stronger, little Simon. We're getting very ready to meet you in just a few short months! Meanwhile, there is laundry, and assembling your bassinet, and registering at our hospital. (We're running a little behind with that. But don't worry, we'll do it right away.)

Your Mama

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