Tuesday, November 12, 2013

31 Weeks!

Hello, Simon!

I'm terrible at keeping up with these entries to you. Sorry about that, peanut, but most of what I do every day revolves around you and your sister, so hopefully you won't feel terribly neglected. For instance, I forgot to post on Halloween and when I was 30 weeks pregnant, but I did wash a bunch of your clothes and blankets, and we've been preparing for you in all sorts of ways. I'm knitting as fast as I can to finish your sister's baby blanket, so that I can start on yours asap. (Your mom is really running behind.) So forgive me, Simon!

As promised, here's Maddie in her second Halloween costume. We went trick-or-treating in Gilman Village, and she had so much fun. I'll take you both next year!

I know what you're thinking. "My sister is so cute!" She really is. And when you arrive, she'll be thinking: "My brother is so cute!" And I just happen to be one very lucky mom, with such cute kids all over the place.

Your Granny Jill visited at the end of October, and your Memere arrived on November 1st. She's leaving tomorrow, which makes me very sad, but she'll be back in January, hopefully long before you arrive. (But not too long. She gets here on January 3rd. Maybe you could try for the 8th? Or the 9th? Honestly, whenever you're ready is fine. But I'd love to not go two weeks past my due date, if that's okay with you.) 

Your daddy and I bought a minivan on Saturday, if you can believe it. Now I'm a mom with a minivan. I really like it! I think Maddie does, too, and I hope you will. It gives us much more space, and it's really nice to have a second car, so that I can take you guys to all sorts of neat places. As soon as I get out of Scary Postpartum Hormoneville, that is. When I had Maddie, I was very lucky in that I didn't have to deal with postpartum depression. However, I did have to deal with a lot of anxiety about driving with my new baby, and about other people touching her, etc. (I even cried every time I took Maddie to the doctor's office for her first couple of months, because I couldn't help worrying about all of the germs in the office.) I imagine I'll be just as hormone-filled this time, too, but I know that it will pass, and I'll be on the road again in no time. 

We're 31 weeks, which means that you're roughly 9 weeks away! How about that! This is what we looked like at 30 weeks:

There is a very big difference in belly size in just the last few weeks! 

Your Memere wants me to say hi for her, and she says: "I love you, and I'll see you in just a few weeks when I'm back in Issaquah!" Just a few weeks! Holy cow!

I love you, Simon. Keep getting chunkier, and prepare yourself for the very wild ride that is labor and delivery. It'll be rough on me, but I bet it'll be much crazier for you, as you're going to be squeezed out like human toothpaste. What a crazy thing!

Your Mama

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